Autumn at the port...

A warm cup of coffee, a few drops of rain on the ship's window and a well-deserved rest...

Colder days are upon us, the tourist crowds are over and it's time for your complete relaxation on the coast of our city.

Your Winter Pass, a gift from the Tourist Board of the City of Rijeka, is waiting for you at our reception,

it is enough to stay at least two nights with us and you will get, completely free, tickets for:

  1. Muzej grada Rijeke – Palača Šećera - Museum of the City of Rijeka – Sugar Palace
  2. Muzej grada Rijeke – Kockica - Museum of the City of Rijeka - Kockica
  3. Muzej grada Rijeke – Riječki torpedo – Prvi na svijetu - Museum of the City of Rijeka - Rijeka Torpedo - The first in the world
  4. Muzej moderne i suvremene umjetnosti - Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
  5. Prirodoslovni muzej Rijeka - Natural History Museum Rijeka
  6. Pomorski i povijesni muzej Hrvatskog primorja Rijeka -  Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral Rijeka
  7. JGL Muzej farmacije - JGL Museum of Pharmacy
  8. Trsatski kaštel - Trsat castle
  9. Peek & Poke – Muzej djetinjstva i Muzej informatike - Peek & Poke – Museum of Childhood and Museum of Informatics
  10. Astronomski centar Rijeka - Rijeka Astronomical Center
  11. Bazeni Kantrida - Swimming Pools Kantrida

Our gift to you is a special discount of 15% on all our accommodation offer.

Everything is ready for the autumn magic in the city, the only thing missing is you!